Re-presenting Art – Measuring: The Name

My fascination over ‘What is Art’ 

Hotham Court is not art because, shallowly, it has no nametag that makes it so.  You can’t name drop or name spot. There can be none of this celebrated celebrity culture.  Hotham Court has no famous designer – It is no Zaha Hadid, or Richard Rogers and Renzo Piano.


When I am choosing a film to watch, I will always consider who is starring in it. First I will ascertain the genre and general emotional aura of the film, and then the story line for originality. The deciding factor however, will often be Brad Pitt, or Julia Roberts because they are known actors/actresses whose work as a whole has been acclaimed. Though, it is fair to say that in most of these A-listers’ careers, there will be a film, or 2, that do not reflect their reputation. As Tracey Emin is a known artist for example, all that she will create in her career will be art. It probably will matter little what it is. She is an artist, and so she creates art.


It shouldn’t be, and can’t physically begin being about the name that is attached to a work. Else, how would artists ever begin to become artists, and their work art? On account of their own work, no-one is born famous.  Despite a tradition of continuation of a business and career from one generation to another, in the West at least, anyone can embark on a career as an artist. ‘Anyone’ that is on account of their background, sex, age (to an extent) and religion.


My concluding point on this measure therefore is, not all art is created by artists with a name. Yet once a name is gained, and practitioner gains recognition or fame, all their work will be art. 

4 Responses to “Re-presenting Art – Measuring: The Name”
  1. Benjamin says:

    Loving the blog! You're raising lots of interesting questions.

  2. Chris says:

    So what your trying to say is, because Hotham Court wasn't created by a famous artist or architect its not a piece of art. Artists work is always art even if they have not gained a name. Art isn't fame. Art is expression. Art is interpretation. Art is creativity. Art is everywhere and everything. But theres certain levels of it. For instance the whole idea of uncontrolled art, accidently dropping paint on the floor creating a interesting splash of colour which is full of energy and something which couldnt be done purposely with a paint brush. Who is the artist? Gravity? Its only art if you choose it to be. Having a open and creative mind is key skill in art.Carrying on with the levels in art. Level 1- This art is traditional, contemporary art which is known for art for being exhibited in a gallery. It is known as art by the viewer and known as art by the artist as all was intentional Level 2- Art in everyday objects such as chairs, mobile phones, logo's. An Object designed by a artist. A Object full of ideas. However the user does not know it is art as they may see art as the description in level 1. Level 3- Uncontrolled or accidental art. This to me is melted plastic creating interesting shapes, left over acrylic paint clumped up together to create a colourful vibrant sculpture. Surroundings which send out inspiration to the viewer such as a ruined burnt house and the setting is seen as a piece of art, But to ordinary people is just a burnt house. Textures found in ordinary day to day places which are ignored by people day to day. Textures such as rust, textures such a decaying paint on a wall. Art only seen by people with open minds. There is no Artist of this art. It is uncontrollable, accidental, or a natural process. Leaving a Potato in a black sack after a few days causing textures and interesting roots to grow out of the potato. Is that art? Yes.Buildings and surroundings such as Hotham court not a piece of modern architecture designed by a famous architect but still needed to be designed by a qualified proffesion involving some artist techniques to create a blueprint and plan for the building. Modern architecture is seen as art, however day to day buildings are not considered as art? Why is this? Because there is nothing out of the ordinary. These buildings are in the box. What grabs society is going out of the box, breaking the rules, creating something different instead of a block, and this i feel is what famous architects do such a Zaha Hadid. "Dancing Towers" by Zaha Hadid.Interesting discussion keep it coming.Thank you, Chris Underdown

  3. I do not want to believe that everything is actually art so I’m going to be stubborn. This is because if art really is everything little and large, significant and insignificant, man-made and organic object, cell, essence and being, then art becomes vague, and without identity. We will all sound like airy-fairy hippies! I remember you saying you thought my personality was art. Does that mean religion is an art form? What about emotions – is love art? That wouldn’t be so terrible because love’s a good thing. But then aggression – is that art? Malice? Hatred? Jealousy? Are you saying that more than just the art, the emotional cause of the art is art then too?I need to draw the line somewhere, and I am pleased you have distinguished high art from everything else that you would also say is art because they are quite clearly different. I really like your thinking and organising of 1 and 2. It's very interesting now I've heard you can study the History of Art, which is effectively the study of level 1, by also visual culture, which encompasses level 2 as well. I acknowledge there is more to creativity than is in the galleries. But not everything is worthy of being in a gallery. Some art is merely a tool for selling, some as narratives in story books etc etc. Level 3 – I disagree with parts for certain. Art must be designed or adapted by humans at least. It cannot be completely natural. Physical processes such as weathering which causes rust can be classed as geography, geology and science, just not art! You don’t need to be overtly deep and find art in everything to be a creative and open-minded artist.Want to be an art theorist Chris…?

  4. Chris says:

    Well Rachel. Love can be art. Love can create a human being is that art? I'm not sure but yes im starting to agree with you. We have to draw a line somewhere. However as you spoke of emotions above, i feel emotions are art, emotions assist an artists work. Emotions affect everything we do, everything we are thinking. It leaves different states of minds. Causing an artist to create different pieces of art, or create different idea's. You disagree with level 3. But level 3 is what i feels help artists. Ok its not ART but however you can look it as art or take it as inspiration or mimick that texture in your work, for example such as rust.So a line must be drawn. What really interests me, the sculpture we will hopefully be creating . All this discussion links in with it because. We are placing it in the street. Its not a gallery and we are not famous artists. Should only art only be regonised by famous artists? There are many artists out in the world with great ideas which cannot be seen. Why does art have to be in a gallery. So one of the whole concepts of the piece is to bring that idea across. Theres more to that point but my mind has gone totally blank. Natural Processes. Ok they are not art but if you take principles fro mart such as line, texture, shape. You take these values and everything around you can become art. Thats what i was trying to say. Want to be a art critic Rachel?

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