What I’m eagerly anticipating in 2012: David Hockney RA: A Bigger Picture Royal Academy, 21 January-9 April If we want to honour the English, we must honour Hockney, and rightly at the Royal Academy. The title refers to the expanses of land the artist had dealt with in his paintings from over 50 years. The … Continue reading

‘And The Horse You Rode In On’ on Enlightenment by Demonstration

It’s hard to establish what the play ‘And The Horse You Rode In On’ sets out to describe. Despite being introduced to it with a satisfactory reason for its title, I phrase that occupies throughout the play is in fact: “Enlightenment by Demonstration.” The show, a montage of various narratives interwoven and played by five … Continue reading

Danish Dance Theatre ‘Enigma’, ‘CoDance’, and ‘Kridt’

I have been introduced to the world of dance (since Strictly Come Dancing is not a valid first meeting,) through a performance given by the Danish Dance Theatre. Enigma, CoDance and Kridt – a blend of contemporary and ballet – were not performances governed by colour, elaborate scenery or costumes (the male dancers appeared to … Continue reading