Marina Abramovic: 512 Hours at the Serpentine Gallery

Marina Abramovic’s 512 Hours opened at the Serpentine main gallery this week after months of anticipation. However, much of the coverage in the lead up to the show has been focused on the Queen of Performance’s so-called desire for this to be a show of “nothingness” – a judgment that could quite easily flatten mounding … Continue reading

BP Portrait Award 2011 at the National Portrait Gallery

I’ve been enjoying the annual BP Portrait Award for some years now (see previous blogs). Knowing what the exhibition is about, and what kinds of works it often celebrates, and so from this, I also ought to be able to identify what was distinctively 2011, new and groundbreaking, about this year’s selection… Entering the usual … Continue reading

Joan Miro: The Ladder of Escape, at the Tate

I gulped entering the exhibition – Miro was described as “the most surreal of us all” by the very founder of Surrealism, Andre Breton – and I thought, oh dear, I don’t like surrealism all that much and nervously turned to the back of my booklet to discover there was thirteen rooms filled with the … Continue reading

A Creative Character

Here is what seems like an appropriate thought for the time of my life in which I’m at. That is: is creativity a character trait, rather than a way of doing things? If so, is it opposed by other personality forces for example neuroticism, or conscientiousness? Can creativity be controlled; is it a free and … Continue reading

Contemporary Art – A Reason to Embrace 4

Here’s the truth of the matter: we need to appreciate contemporary artists’ new levels of creativity, because it does appear to be that art is running dry of inspiration. Have we come to the end of this cul-de-sac? In ‘The End of Art History,’ the editor of The Jackdaw highlighted that ’25 years used to … Continue reading

Contemporary Art – A Reason to Embrace 3

Where does our detest for contemporary artists and contemporary works sprout from? Are we jealous of their creativity? I study the past with great pleasure. I think about the genius of the true revolutionaries in art – Manet, Picasso and the such, and admire their determinism, their dissatisfaction for the present, and their undeniable ability … Continue reading

Contemporary Art – A Reason to Embrace 2

It is so easy to mouth of about things we don’t like especially that which we see (an ill-composed outfit, an undesirable figure or a regrettable hair cut) and art is another. I read that, ‘In a permanent status quo there is nothing left to be connoisseuriral about…’ because everyone has the knowledge available to … Continue reading

Contemporary Art – A Reason to Embrace

Dear Contemporary-Art–Phobe, this series is for you. As well as on a critical or cynical day in my life, it is a challenge unto myself… I’ve made it my part-time pursuit in my solo year at art school, (where they birth and nurture contemporary fine artists and designers), to become accustomed, acquainted and maybe even … Continue reading


I remember writing in my blog Rubbish: “Artists, it seems to me, are either very sure characters or very broken characters.” On this matter, I’ve realised that to be an artist you can’t be indecisive. To dilute completely, creating art is purely a process of [creative] decisions. Many of these choices are too insignificant for … Continue reading

In Search of the Perfect Figure

Now this was never an intentional or the definitive hunt, however when I raided London earlier this week, I couldn’t help but check out the perfect figures I found on W1’s streets. For women such Jenny Saville and I (perhaps for other reasons;) never seem to be satisfied in their quests to find beauty in … Continue reading