Christian Marclay at White Cube Bermondsey

Bridging the visual, the audible and the kinetic, Christian Marclay’s new work for White Cube Bermondsey builds on his earlier explorations of sound and visual art that we know to have produced charming results. For this show he facilitates a whole host of artistic disciplines in a comprehensive look at how it’s possible for the … Continue reading

4 x 4 at Stephen Friedman Gallery

The Stephen Friedman Gallery is for this exhibition, a gallery of four rooms. Each one of these rooms is home to a movement in Modernism – the first is a haven for Minimalism, the second for Geometric Abstraction, the third a den for female Pop Art and the last a refuge for Neo-conceptualism. 4 x … Continue reading

Elmgreen + Dragset: Tomorrow at V&A Museum

Buried away in the burrow-like back end of the V&A museum’s first floor is Norman Swann’s flat, into which artists Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset invite you to enter, upon just one condition: that you play the part of a gracious intruder. In the film of the same name written by the artist duo for … Continue reading

Andy Wicks: The Doldrums at Occupy My Time Gallery

Andy Wicks’ two-month residency at Occupy My Time Gallery, SE8 has culminated in three distinct outcomes dedicated to Deptford, which together he’s entitled ‘The Doldrums’. Each one of these outcomes claims one of the three concrete gallery walls, and each one – entitled Forged Histories, Re-rooted and Jetty – take a different physical dimension, which … Continue reading

God Save the Village Green at Cob Gallery

The ideas behind ‘God Save the Village Green’ are rooted in the past – in the pastoral sentiment of the countryside and the communities that gather on these village greens. The question Dmitri Galitizine asks in this unconventional exhibition is: can this Little England sustain itself? The exhibition ‘God Save the Village Green,’ goes about … Continue reading

Ruth Marten, A Treasure Hunt in a Lazar House

It’s an intriguing find, but it’s not an easy one. Ruth Marten’s sixteen exhibited artworks are disguised amongst vintage prints and elaborate frames in an antiquarian’s dream shop on Bermondsey Street, SE1. The exhibition is essentially an elaborate game of hide and seek. (And who isn’t taken by a timeless pastime such as this at … Continue reading

Architettura Biennale, Venice

Architecture has always felt to me a limited breed of art: tied as it is to functionality but often desperate to be more than just a good solution to the repetitive problems of how and where do we live. David Chipperfield – the convenor of the thirteenth Architecture Biennale – opens the citywide exhibition with … Continue reading

The Chapman Brothers, at two White Cubes

The infamously rowdy Jake and Dinos Chapman have the kind of cheek that falls somewhere in the region of a pair of dirty schoolboys. Like all the YBAs (young British artists), their bolshy art makes you feel like they may never grow old. But unlike just naughty children or rebellious adolescents, this exhibition is the … Continue reading

A Feast for the Mind – Hilary Jack

Hilary Jack’s art has been brought my attention through her current exhibit ‘And Scent of Pine and the Woodthrust Singing,’ in Manchester. These installations in Castlefields Gallery, compose a narrative are the best of Britain’s woodland creators and wildlife, wittily composed in 3D collage. A favourite of mine is ‘Almost Sleeping Fox’, which epitomises traditional … Continue reading

The Dizzy of Art

Banksy most be one of the most well-known artists of our generation. Street art as a whole is quickly becoming the twenty-first century’s pop art – the Dizzy Rascal of art. In Coventry, is an exhibition dedicated to the celebrated genre – ‘Street Art: Contemporary Prints from the V&A’, at the Herbert Art Gallery and … Continue reading