Andy Wicks: The Doldrums at Occupy My Time Gallery

Andy Wicks’ two-month residency at Occupy My Time Gallery, SE8 has culminated in three distinct outcomes dedicated to Deptford, which together he’s entitled ‘The Doldrums’. Each one of these outcomes claims one of the three concrete gallery walls, and each one – entitled Forged Histories, Re-rooted and Jetty – take a different physical dimension, which … Continue reading

Spaces in Transition at Hanmi Gallery

I didn’t take Hanmi Gallery’s claims about ‘Spaces in Transition’ seriously enough. I read the disclaimer they attached to the exhibition literature lightly – the forewarning that this exhibition was being held in the midst of the gallery’s major renovation project. I took it as a side note – a self-deprecating remark on the gallery’s … Continue reading

Cartier-Bresson: A Question of Colour at Somerset House

The Cartier-Bresson exhibition at Somerset House raises the debate: will we ever be able to see art through anything but modern eyes? What I came to the exhibition feeling (and not so incidentally left the exhibition feeling) was that I struggle to imagine we ever will; for so vivid is our picture of the world … Continue reading

Look What The Cat Dragged In – Tom Beard at Cob Gallery

‘Look What the Cat Dragged In’ is an intimate and sideways look at the work of photographer Tom Beard and what he has become known for in his so-far short but very successful career. Since the age of 17 he has been shooting portraits of celebrities in their glamourous guises, particularly including Florence and the … Continue reading

The Royal Academy of Art Summer Exhibition 2012

It seems a daring thing to suggest an outcome to an open art exhibition before knowing what has been entered. I was unsure how the brief that curator-in-chief Tess Jaray RA had set for this year’s Summer Exhibition was going to implicate the success of this, the 244th’s show. Her request was that the art … Continue reading


What I’m eagerly anticipating in 2012: David Hockney RA: A Bigger Picture Royal Academy, 21 January-9 April If we want to honour the English, we must honour Hockney, and rightly at the Royal Academy. The title refers to the expanses of land the artist had dealt with in his paintings from over 50 years. The … Continue reading

Silence – if buildings could speak

Only very rarely do my creative inputs (outside of my writing) and the thoughts that provoke my writing, coincidence. As they do currently, it seems an apt time to show so of my photographs as a preview of my writings to come. Rooftops and facades from Leamington, London and Oxford (my photographs).

Thomas Struth at the Whitechapel Gallery

It could seem like a bold statement for the artist Thomas Struth to position himself in the place of Michelangelo’s David, and let crowds of tourists gaze in wonder at him…couldn’t it? Especially as this is the first of his life-size photographs one looks upon entering his retrospective (1978-2010) at the Whitechapel. But Thomas Struth … Continue reading

BP Portrait Award 2011 at the National Portrait Gallery

I’ve been enjoying the annual BP Portrait Award for some years now (see previous blogs). Knowing what the exhibition is about, and what kinds of works it often celebrates, and so from this, I also ought to be able to identify what was distinctively 2011, new and groundbreaking, about this year’s selection… Entering the usual … Continue reading

Hannah Starkey ’29 pictures’

Hannah Starkey, celebrated British contemporary, is currently exhibiting a collection of photographs that from the entitling: ’Twenty Nine Pictures,’ would seem fit for a mindless assortment, and yet this retrospective is a highly cohesive, well-formed and prima facie, thematic show of stalwart pictures. As an important aside, before I launch into an account of the … Continue reading