4 x 4 at Stephen Friedman Gallery

The Stephen Friedman Gallery is for this exhibition, a gallery of four rooms. Each one of these rooms is home to a movement in Modernism – the first is a haven for Minimalism, the second for Geometric Abstraction, the third a den for female Pop Art and the last a refuge for Neo-conceptualism. 4 x … Continue reading


The below text explores the idea of Novelty in contemporary art as per the exhibition curated by myself and Josh Berry at Asylum, SE15 this weekend gone. NOVELTY There’s a fine line between newness and novelty.  It’s a line that divides the illustrious and the new from the tacky. It separates the alluring from that … Continue reading

Emma Hart: Dirty Looks at Camden Arts Centre

Tongues sealing paper as a loved one licks a letter shut, tongue trowels digging up cement slabs, tongues like ties: tongue-tied? Two tongues to make a rosette – the Best in the Show – tongues as handles, which if tugged upon could open an MDF cupboard; next to which other members of the MDF home … Continue reading

Michael Landy: Saints Alive, at the National Gallery

‘Unpredictable’ was the adjective the National Gallery ascribed Michael Landy’s work, and unpredictability was the reason they chose him as their eighth associate artist in residence (beginning in November 2009). He was a risky choice, so said the National Gallery and – funnily – the artist himself. Looking back over Landy’s career, the evidence certainly stands. … Continue reading

Mauro Bonaventura at Venice Projects

                                Venice is, asides from the Biennale, a traditional city. It’s changed very little since its golden age, desperate to still shine of that golden age. This includes the production and sale of Murano glass. If I’d have known this … Continue reading

The Royal Academy of Art Summer Exhibition 2012

It seems a daring thing to suggest an outcome to an open art exhibition before knowing what has been entered. I was unsure how the brief that curator-in-chief Tess Jaray RA had set for this year’s Summer Exhibition was going to implicate the success of this, the 244th’s show. Her request was that the art … Continue reading

New Art for a New Age

Now, can I first say, it’s not that I desire to play off two [wonderful] Midlands exhibitions against each other to the detriment of one. But, when two exhibitions crop in just six months, exploring a similar area of art history, comparison seems only natural. I thoroughly enjoyed Tate-touring exhibition ‘The Indiscipline of Painting’ (at … Continue reading

Ron Mueck at Hauser & Wirth

I’ve been drawn to Ron Mueck’s absurdly lifelike sculptures for some time – charmed by his attentive remake of ‘reality’, and intrigued by the ‘reality’ he selects to represent. As far as appearances go, art has never been closer to the truth (we may have to briefly parenthesise photography in this definition of art), and … Continue reading

A Feast for the Mind – Hilary Jack

Hilary Jack’s art has been brought my attention through her current exhibit ‘And Scent of Pine and the Woodthrust Singing,’ in Manchester. These installations in Castlefields Gallery, compose a narrative are the best of Britain’s woodland creators and wildlife, wittily composed in 3D collage. A favourite of mine is ‘Almost Sleeping Fox’, which epitomises traditional … Continue reading

Hubert Dalwood

The Mead Gallery this term presents an extensive collection of the works of the 20th century sculptor Hubert Dalwood. This prolific, but not widely recognised post-war artist, worked every two to three years towards a showcasing opportunity with a differing approach to sculpture, never resting in on the unsatisfactory, always challenging and changing. The Mead … Continue reading